Book: Emotional Healing Through Art: The Colourful Secret of Creating Inner Strength



This book is for you if you want to explore and deep-in a creative path to personal development and emotional healing.
Many health issues today occur due to a disconnection with oneself. Heart and emotional healing can lead to social and collective wellbeing. We can reach our full potential by guided exercises, whether we are searching for inner peace or creating our business.
Emotional Healing Through Art: The Colorful Secret of Creating Inner Strength is a unique self help book designed for each and every one of us; to nurture our personal growth through creative writing and coloring. It will provide us with the tools necessary to take our first steps towards inner peace, heal self-criticism, happiness, freedom, and joy-right here in the present moment. Those steps will become our practice, enabling us to get to know ourselves more thoroughly and to talk to ourselves more honestly, with greater self-compassion.
This easy-to-use practice guide provides tools and techniques that we need, including:
Over 20 step by step practical exercises that mix self reflection with creativity aimed at developing awareness of emotions.
They offer new perspectives and invite us to think differently in order to find new solutions in life.
A colorful approach to personal development!


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