we are, in reality, spiritual beings

If you have found me, that means you are looking to make a positive shift in your life and health!

A very warm welcome to you. Come and embark upon a spiritual journey to extraordinary healing! When you work with me you will activate your ability to heal and become connected to your inner self and then you can live your life with this extraordinary treasure called love.

The inner joy that every individual seeks, unlike a passing emotion, is not contingent on outside influences; it is a condition, born of certitude and with conscious knowledge, fostered by a pure heart, which is able to distinguish between that which has permanence and that which is superficial.

The materialistic culture of our age has so much absorbed the energy and attention of humankind that people in general no longer feel the necessity of raising themselves above the forces and conditions of their daily material existence.

I believe in the uniqueness of every individual, everyone has inside of them mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Once we are able to cleanse our eyes, which are closed as by a veil, our inner eyes will be opened and certitude comes out and our hearts and our souls will blessed by real healing, and then the real self will shine!






Kind Words

I had a pranic healing session with Anisa by phone during the lockdown period. It was incredibly soothing to listen to her voice and let all my anxiety melt away! I felt so serene and at peace after my session with her, it was a half hour really well spent!

S.T.,  Switzerland


“What a wonderful way to relax and expand one’s mind without much effort. Just let yourself go and follow the calm and relaxing voice of Anisa. Enjoy it!

D.F., Italy

All the programs offered by anisa are so unique and carefully thought out. She really makes sure to add her personal touch to all her services from her intuition art, energy healing all the way to her one of a kind bags, you are for sure on the right path to your wellness journey when investing in her programs, ideal for those in need of guidance, are blocked in their life path and need positivity”

P. D.,  Switzerland

My sessions with Anisa have had a very positive effect on my life. The breath work and visualisations that she taught me became a habit in my life, and with that habit I have been able to deal more effectively with negative situations, while keeping myself calm and centred. I believe it has had a positive effect on my family, also. As a Mum I am a role model of behaviour to my children and when I communicate in a calming manner, they have been more likely to communicate back to me in a similar way. I have also been able to manifest more abundance into my life and now have the belief that more abundance is soon to come. Before beginning working with Anisa, I felt as if life was not going to get much better. Now I believe that great things are possible.”

L.B, New Zealand

“I only have positive words for Anisa and her work. I have already had experience with different soul teachers, but Anisa is definitely one of the best I have met. With her sweet voice and gentle words she takes you to a journey into deep places within your soul and out there to the “very end” of the universe. With her I have discovered the pleasure of art which I have learned to be very meditative and beneficial. I will definitely follow her work and participate to future workshops.”

V.S., Switzerland

“Her voice give listener a sense of comfort, peace and relaxing. her voice is calm and powerful and project positive energy that people can feel and enjoy meditating. It helped me to be relax and took away my exhaustion. It was full of amazing vibes and made me think about myself. It helped me to clear my mind before sleep.”

S.K., Iran

I have met Anisa on Facebook. I was very inspired by the fact that she was willing to offer her coaching to practise her skills. From the first session I noticed that Anisa was very calm and very concentrated in what she was doing. I was very curious and then absolutely fascinated by techniques that Anisa was using because all of them were very effective. As a goal I created that I will go back to a job in transport/engineering industry as my background is in engineering. My goal was set regardless the current pandemic situation where all industries are very unstable. I felt that with Anisa’s coaching this was achievable but at that time I just didn’t know how to make it happen. After the third session with Anisa I got the phone call and it was from headhunter. It was not even a job but as a result of my conversation with the company I set up my own limited company within a week from the call I recieved and started work straight away. I thought WOW! This really works! Contract was signed for initially 3 months then it got extended for 1 extra month. Just recently I recieved a call that the company wants to cooperate with me permanently which is happening from the 2nd of November. This was all possible because of Anisa’s coaching. Apart of going back to my profession I achieved another goals which was moving a house and becoming owner of my first car which. At some point I felt like God send me an angel that can help me to make all my wishes come true. Anisa was always next to me regardless the fact that sometimes I gave her very short notice asking for coaching. She has truly beautiful heart and she completely mastered techniques that she is using! I have to say that I had top level coaches in the past but I have to admit that Anisa is the most effective coach I have ever cooperated with. I would truly recommend Anisa to everyone if you want the best coach and the most effective coach that will help you to achieve any goal in your life call Anisa and have a conversation with her. Just now we set a new goal for me which is romanse relationship with a man of my dream! I look forward having a next session with Anisa. She will stay my coach forever. Thank you.

J.O., UK

Guided meditation with Anisa for connecting to your heart

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